Assignments for this course will be programming exercises, and most of the content will be related to data analysis. Please refer to the Assignment Schedule for the release and submission dates. Assignments are to be completed using the Python programming language. All assignments will be posted to this section approximately 2 weeks before they are due, and will be submitted through Quercus (more detail on this will be included in the assignment files).

  • Assignment documents containing the questions and other instructions will be distributed for each assignment. There will also be notebooks for Google Colab, an interactive programming environment that automatically includes most standard Python packages.

  • Note: Even though some assignments may appear short, they take longer than expected to complete. Please do not leave things until the last minute. The first assignment will be posted after the second lecture. You can find the dates under the ‘Schedule’ section of the course website.

Assignment 1 (Data Visualization)


Due Jan 30th at 3:00pm

Reflection 1


Due Feb 1nd at 3:00pm

Homework 2 (Linear Regression)


Due Feb 13th at 3:00pm

Reflection 2


Due Feb 15th at 3:00pm

Homework 3 (Simulation)


Due Mar 10th at 3:00pm

Homework 4 (NLP)